Vitiligo, a skin condition characterized by patches of depigmentation, can affect anyone. While the exact cause remains unknown, it's believed to be an autoimmune condition where the body’s immune system attacks pigment-producing cells (melanocytes). It can also run in families. Potential triggers and/or exacerbating factors include emotional stress, pregnancy, oral contraceptives, vitamin deficiencies, and skin injuries. The primary symptom is the appearance of lighter or white patches on the skin, often starting on sun-exposed areas like the hands, face, arms, and feet. Vitiligo can also affect the hair, inside the mouth, and even the eyes.

If you're experiencing these symptoms, look no further than Illustra Dermatology for expert vitiligo treatment in the Bay Area. Led by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Adrianna Browne, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve a more even skin tone and regain confidence.

Why Choose Illustra Dermatology for Vitiligo Treatment in the Bay Area

  • Expertise You Can Trust: Dr. Browne and her staff possess the knowledge and experience to deliver the most innovative and effective treatments tailored to the individual needs of our Bay Area patients.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: We understand that vitiligo manifests differently in everyone. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Your treatment plan will be customized, addressing the specific severity and location of your vitiligo.
  • Cutting-edge Treatment Options: We offer a comprehensive range of vitiligo treatments for Bay Area residents, including:
    • Topical corticosteroids (steroids): These medications can help reduce inflammation and, in some cases, promote the return of pigment (melanin) to the affected areas. Often used in conjunction with other vitiligo treatments, Dr. Browne will determine if steroids are appropriate for your specific case.
    • Light therapy: Targeted phototherapy, such as narrowband UVB (NB-UVB) or excimer laser, effectively repigments areas of vitiligo. NB-UVB therapy involves exposing the skin to controlled doses of ultraviolet B (UVB) light, while excimer laser therapy delivers a more concentrated beam of UVB light to target specific vitiligo patches.
    • Calcineurin inhibitors: These topical medications, such as tacrolimus (Protopic) or pimecrolimus (Elidel), work by suppressing the immune system's activity and may be helpful for certain types of vitiligo. 
    • Topical and oral JAK inhibitors: These are a promising treatment for vitiligo, targeting the Janus kinase (JAK) pathways involved in the autoimmune destruction of melanocytes. By inhibiting these pathways, JAK inhibitors can reduce inflammation and promote repigmentation of the skin. Clinical studies have shown significant improvements in vitiligo patients using JAK inhibitors, making them a potential game-changer in vitiligo management. Dr. Browne offers JAK inhibitor treatments for Bay Area patients hoping for more effective and targeted vitiligo therapies.
    • Other topical medications: Dr. Browne may recommend other topical medications, such as vitamin D analogues or corticosteroids combined with calcineurin inhibitors, to address your specific needs.
    • Advanced therapies: For more widespread or stubborn cases, we discuss options like surgical grafting or depigmentation. Surgical grafting involves transplanting healthy, pigment-producing skin from another area of your body to the affected areas. Depigmentation involves lightening the unaffected areas of your skin to create a more uniform appearance.

Your Vitiligo Treatment Journey at Illustra Dermatology 

Consultation is the first step toward a more confident you. During your initial appointment with Dr. Browne at our leading Bay Area vitiligo treatment center, we'll listen attentively to your concerns, thoroughly examine your skin, and review your medical history. Based on this assessment, Dr. Browne will develop a detailed treatment plan that aligns with your goals. We will educate you on the various vitiligo treatment options available here in the Bay Area, like steroids, light therapy, or other advanced therapies. We will discuss potential benefits and risks so you can make informed decisions about your vitiligo treatment plan.

Experience the Illustra Dermatology Difference

Don't let vitiligo dim your shine. If you’re searching for a team that cares and provides expert vitiligo treatment in the Bay Area, contact Illustra Dermatology. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Browne today and discover a path toward a more even complexion.