Mole Removal in the Bay Area

Moles are common skin growths that manifest in a variety of shapes, sizes, and locations on the body. Most people are born with a number of moles, which can change in appearance over time. Large moles that are present from birth are frequently called birthmarks. New moles may emerge over our lifetime due to aging, or from prolonged and extensive exposure to UV rays. In some cases, moles can be quite bothersome, due to their size and location on the body. Also, they might raise aesthetic concerns, make things like shaving difficult, or even get snagged on jewelry.

Although most moles are harmless, rarely they can also be precancerous. Thus, evaluating moles is a proactive skincare step which can help to detect possible skin cancers as early as possible. It is important to ensure the moles on your skin are the regular, day-to-day moles we all have. 

At Illustra Dermatology, Dr. Adrianna Browne offers Bay Area patients mole removal and can determine if the mole you want removed is benign. Dr. Browne employs a range of procedures to treat moles, and works closely with each patient to develop an individualized treatment plan. Some moles may be removed on the day of the visit, while other moles may require an additional appointment to allow time for preparation. 


Treatment options for mole removal at Illustra Dermatology include shave removal and surgical excision. Prior to removal, the mole is numbed with local anesthetic to minimize discomfort. Dr. Browne may remove the mole by shaving it from the surface of the skin with a thin surgical blade. Alternatively, surgical excision is slightly more invasive than shave removal. Dr. Browne uses a scalpel to excise and separate your mole from the rest of your skin. The excision area is closed with stitches. Dr. Browne sends the mole to the laboratory for testing. Mole removal procedures are typically quick and performed on an outpatient basis, involving just a routine visit to our Bay Area clinic. 

When you need mole removal in the Bay Area, reach out to Illustra Dermatology and schedule an appointment with founder and board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Browne. Don’t let anything get in the way of your confidence to face the world. Book your appointment online or by phone today. 

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