About Illustra Dermatology

Direct Care and Insurance

Dr. Adrianna Browne is transitioning to a direct care model. Direct care is a practice and payment model where patients pay their physician or practice directly for a defined set of services. Direct care removes the burden of billing insurance companies and provides straightforward medical care by cutting out the red tape that comes with insurance companies and complicated medical billing. With our Bay Area direct care services, there are no hidden fees, no surprise bills, and no co-pays or insurance cards.

Most patients with health insurance will see Dr. Adrianna Browne as an out of network provider. For those with out-of-network benefits, we are happy to provide, upon request, the necessary forms to submit a claim for reimbursement of costs. Additionally, payments may be made through health spending and flex spending accounts (HSA/FSA). 

Although Illustra Dermatology is out of network for most insurance carriers, we are accepting the following insurance providers at this time:

(i) Medicare as a non-participating provider 

(ii) Brown and Toland HMO / PPO plans (excluding Cigna) 

Please contact your insurance provider to verify coverage and eiligiblity. We do not accept Cigna or Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

We accept debit cards (including HSA/FSA cards) and credit cards. We do not accept cash or checks.

Dr Browne with Staff


man checking dermatology pricing on phone
Time (minutes)Fee ($)
Up to 10 mins$100
11-15 mins$150
16-30 mins$250
31-45 mins$375
46-60 mins$500

Examples of visits that may be 10 minutes (6-10 minutes):

  • Follow up on one mole that is being monitored
  • Check of one spot of concern in an established patient
  • Stable chronic rash (e.g., eczema) that is doing well on topical treatment
  • Follow up mild acne for refills only
  • Follow up for treatment of warts with cryotherapy/freezing

Examples of visits that may be 15 minutes (11-15 minutes):

  • Follow-up of a rash that is not responding to treatment
  • One new localized rash
  • Up to three problems in an established patient
  • Full body skin check in an established patient
  • One problem (includes destruction of up to 5 lesions and/or injections) in a new patient

Examples of visits that may be 30 minutes (16+ minutes):

  • Extensive rash
  • Multiple skin concerns
  • Detailed discussions
  • Full body skin exam in a new patient

Most visits are 15-30 minutes. Full body skin examinations typically require 15-30 minutes. Fees include freezing (destruction) up to 5 lesions and/or injections. Very few patients require appointments longer than 30 minutes. 30-60 minute appointments are available for patients upon request.

Hair Loss Consultation: $375

Up to 45 minute comprehensive hair loss consultation includes examination, treatment planning, photos, and possible biopsy. Consultation required for all hair loss concerns. Injections at the time of consultation are included in the consultation fee.