Keloid Treatment

Dr. Browne offers keloid treatment and removal for Bay Area residents via scar cryotherapy, injections, and more! Keloids are enlarged, raised scar tissue growths that are red, pink, skin-colored or darker than the original skin. This thick overgrowth of scar tissue is formed due to an excess of collagen during the healing process. Keloids tend to be larger than the original injury area, and though they are not harmful, many consider them to be unsightly. 

Our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Adrianna Browne, is an expert at identifying  keloids. She offers exceptional keloid treatment and removal in the Bay Area. In keloid treatment, a biopsy may be necessary to rule out a cancerous growth. If the skin is non-cancerous, there are many options available to treat keloids. These treatments range from corticosteroid shots, freezing, and laser therapy to pressure treatment and surgical removal. All of these procedures can be performed in Illustra Dermatology’s newly built, modern facility where patient comfort comes first. 


Dr. Adrianna Browne and her staff are the premier experts in the field of modern cosmetic and medical dermatology. They provide top notch keloid treatment and removal services for the Bay Area community. They build respectful, genuine relationships with all clients as they treat a variety of dermatological concerns. Dr. Browne offers personalized, one-on-one treatment for keloids, acne, wrinkles, moles, or any other skin problem.

Are you looking for keloid scar cryotherapy or injections in the Bay Area? If the presence of unsightly keloids has you feeling uncomfortable, or you would like to minimize their appearance, contact Illustra Dermatology today to schedule an appointment!