Benign Growths—Screenings and Treatment

As we age, growths can form on our skin, creating concern for both our physical health and our appearance. When new growths appear on our skin, we face the unknown, particularly worrying about whether the growth is benign or cancerous. Dr. Adrianna Browne, Illustra Dermatology’s board-certified dermatologist in the Bay Area, offers skin cancer screenings and examinations of skin growth. Dr. Browne can start you on the path of determining whether the growth is cancerous or benign. The good news is that most growths are benign and harmless; however, if the appearance of benign growths is a concern, treatment options are available. 

Benign Growths

To have your growth examined by a professional dermatologist in the Bay Area, book a skin cancer screening or consultation with Illustra Dermatology. Dr. Browne will perform a complete examination of the growth and guide you through the appropriate treatment steps. During your consultation, you will be asked general health questions such as which vitamins and supplements you take, any current medications, and whether you use alcohol or tobacco. Dr. Browne will also inquire about family history of skin cancers, other cancers or medical issues. Lastly, Dr. Browne will ask about your current medical condition, your allergies, and any prior surgeries before outlining your treatment plan and discussing any risks or complications you might experience. 


Various treatment options for treating benign growths include cryosurgery, electrodesiccation, curettage, laser therapy and excision. Available right away at our Bay-Area clinic, the skin growth removal process is minimally invasive with little to no downtime following the procedure. 

If you have developed new or changing growths, please contact our conveniently located Bay Area office to schedule an evaluation. Even if the lesions are diagnosed as benign, you don’t have to live with them. To get your skin cancer screening and examination, contact Dr. Browne and her staff at Illustra Dermatology today!

Benign Growth