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At Illustra Dermatology, our patients come first. We provide the highest, most specialized quality dermatologic care in the Oakland area. The care we provide will be uniquely tailored to you. When seen at your appointment time, you will notice the level of personal, patient-centered care delivered to you to address your personal concerns. We know how important your time is, so we will schedule the appropriate length of time to properly address those concerns. We will provide you the absolute best care. 

Our Oakland area dermatology facility offers cutting-edge medical and cosmetic treatments to safely treat your skin and hair concerns. Our American Board of Dermatology Board-Certified dermatologist, Dr. Adrianna Browne, will personally see you. She acknowledges the importance of cultivating respectful and caring relationships with her patients, and she accomplishes this by making you feel heard through her world-class experience. The ultimate outcome: the greatest patient satisfaction.

Dr. Adrianna Browne has years of experience in the field, giving you the results you are looking for. Providing both medical and cosmetic skin treatments in the Oakland area, Dr. Adrianna Browne can provide you with acne solutions, Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, dermal fillers, and many other services. You deserve the best of the best, come see the professionals at Illustra Dermatology now.


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What sets Illustra apart from other dermatologists in the Oakland Area?

Dr Browne with Patient

 ALL patients are seen by Dr. Browne

  The health and safety of our patients come first

 Short wait times to schedule an appointment

 We utilize efficient scheduling, so you won’t have to wait weeks or even months to be seen

 On-time appointments

 No more waiting hours in a waiting room

 Saturday clinics

 We understand how challenging it can be to take time off from work or school

 Personalized care

  You will receive one-on-one care

 Transparent up-front pricing

We utilize out-of-network coverage for most insurances, so there are no surprise bills or charges that can occur when insurance is involved

 Diversified treatment

 Unified treatment for people of all races, ages, genders, gender expressions, sexual orientations, religions, and skin types

 State-of-the-art practice

We provide the best dermatologic care in the Oakland area with the most modern, cutting-edge equipment available

 Convenient free parking

 Because we care