"I have been a patient of Dr. Browne for several years. It is with joy and confidence that I can highly recommend her. I always look forward to my visits with her, as she is such a kind, competent, and caring physician. She is very thorough and has caught an issue that a previous dermatologist had missed. Thus, I do not hesitate to highly recommend her services.”

- Dean M.

"I'm an "old gal" whose very trusted general practitioner in Berkeley referred me to Adrianna Browne for a general dermatology skin/scalp screening after growing up tanning in California, being a lifeguard, and just not taking good care of my skin.

All previous experiences with dermatologists left me dreading the appointment: for a number of reasons I never felt at all comfortable, informed, seen, or in one case where there was a wild rash between my thighs, helped. But I went because I trust my GP.

I am so happy I had the experience of being seen by Dr. Browne. It was an entirely different experience than all previous dermatology visits -- and I felt like I had stepped into a relationship where I'd be able to understand my skin and scalp and not have them remain slightly terrifying mysteries to be in denial of and hoping nothing ever went wrong!

To fully disrobe, at 72, in front of anyone is at the top of vulnerable experiences. Yet I was put, almost instantly, so at ease by Dr. Browne that I soon forgot that and became an ally with her in looking at what was going on, what I could watch for, and what I could actually do. She is a rare combination of smart, helpful, professional, and warm in all the needed ways. I am very very grateful my GP recommended her."

- Mimi M.

"I first visited Dr. Browne because I was concerned about several spots I noticed on my head and forehead. At that time, she did a full body skin check. She treated the spots I was concerned about, and she discovered a small growth on my back which concerned her, so she did a biopsy. When the results came back, the spot was diagnosed as an early stage melanoma. Dr. Browne recommended a surgeon who specialized in cancerous growth removal, and I had the growth removed within a week, on Dr. Browne's recommendation. This type of melanoma can spread to organs and be deadly. Fortunately, Dr. Browne recognized this dangerous growth, and it was caught in time to remove it with no further treatment required. This occurred over two years ago, and I have had no recurrence. Dr. Browne literally saved my life. Dr. Browne is extremely competent, thorough, and has a quiet, methodical, approach. She is easy to talk to, and I recommend her very highly."

- Neil T.

"I started seeing Dr. Browne while I was a Kaiser patient. I’ve suffered with skin issues for over a decade with no relief. Dr. Browne changed all that. Although she was out of my plan, I decided to go to her out of sheer desperation. It was the best health decision I’ve ever made.

Not only does Dr. Browne have a wonderful bedside manner, she also provided relief for me like no other doctor had before. She was very knowledgeable about my condition and provided me with follow-up reading material. For the first time in years, I left the dermatologist feeling hopeful."

- Crystal M.